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10 Minimalistic and Futuristic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Each house certainly has a bathroom. As a living room, the bathroom can also seem boring from time to time. Simple, futuristic prints that are developing lately can also be applied to bathroom remodeling ideas.

Toilets that usually work only for bathing until other toiletries are more valuable if they are renewed. Many ideas for bathroom remodeling  could be taken based on your preferences and wishes.

Be In a cool, futuristic bathroom with remodeling ideas

Stand in a simple, futuristic bathroom with remodeling ideas.

Image Source: glubdubs.com

The bathroom need not be glamorous or much fancy. Even in the small bathrooms you can make it look good.Here  are the minimalistic, futuristic bathroom remodeling ideas that you can apply:

1. Space-saving corner sink

Space Saving Corner Sink

Image Source: evduzenleme.com

The existence of a sink sometimes not noticed can interfere with the  paths to the bathroom. You can put sink in the other corner, you will feel better than that sink is in front of the shower.

2. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas With Shower Curtains

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Using Shower Curtains

Image Source: ourpeacefulhome.com

If the  glass barrier in the shower is normally used, you can replace it with the curtains to save a little space. They also increase privacy and enhance the beauty of  small bathroom. Light and bright curtains will also make the room more spacious.

3. Select The Sink Temple Table

Select the sink temple table

Image Source: homesweethome.travel

Other ways in to get good bathroom remodeling ideas is to install a sink that is connected to a wall so it can offer space for other small items.

4. Experience bold colors

Experience bold colors

Image Source: 87designs.net

Adding bold color elements to the bathroom is also  good  option to add to list for fbathroom remodeling ideas, it will also give a futuristic impression of the bathroom. Colors like yellow, orange, red or pink in the bathroom. The presence of striking colors will make the bathroom look new.

5. Install a large mirror

Install a large mirror bathroom

Image Source: dalikon.com

The nature of the mirror capable of giving a wider impression can also be used in bathroom decoration. In addition, using a large mirror can also save available space so it can be used by two people at the same time.

6. Install a towel hook on the door

Install a towel hanger on the door

Image Source: bitestl.com

The remodeling ideas of this bathroom can be applied to a small bathroom. Installing a hanger on the bathroom door will have a dual function, besides saving space, the door hanger is very efficient, increasing the space.

7. Using a wall-mounted faucet

Using a wall-mounted faucet

Image Source: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

For the sake of giving enough space for the sink or desk, remodeling the bathroom by installing a wall-mounted faucet will free up space throughout the bathroom.

8. Tap into large-scale standards as bathroom remodeling ideas.

Play In Large Scale Patterns As Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Source: augustexture.com

Large line patterns or geometric shapes can cause eye tricks to make the small bathroom look larger. This trick will make the bathroom look futuristic.

9. Simplify the place with a single shelf sink table

Simplify the place with a single shelf sink table

Image Source: tugou.com

In addition to hanging towels, the design of a table with a rack can fold to hold a toilet paper basket.

10. Sink chute model

Bathroom Model Sink

Image Source: tileideaz.com

This sink model is one of the small bathroom remodeling ideas that also gives an cool look. The appearance of the space will be more interesting. When installing against the wall, this low profile heatsink will free up space around the floor for storage or expand movement space.

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